Chestnut Lamprey Hubby Cought!

WHAT THE HECK  did my hubby just find???? This is what night mares are made of... looks like an eel but has teeth and a mouth like a Leach!! 😲🤯😲🤯😲🤯😲🤯😲🤯😲🤯 Edit: Thanks all it's a Chesnut Lamprey. To tell the difference between the Silver Lamprey and the Chestnut Lamprey? Chestnut Lamprey have 2 point teeth. Silver Lampreys have 1 point teeth. ✌️😁✌️😁✌️😁✌️

Headed To Buffalo River

 We're headed to Buffalo River today for Father's day. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS place to go swimming and diving!! 

Hello! Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hello! I'm Natalie Beacom I'm owner and founder of Tnt Exotics. We're locally owned, operated and We're invested in Tnt Exotics.  We're located on the out skirts of Branson Missouri. I have a bit of a diffrent buisness. If you like what you see feel free to like my like page to keep up to date.  ** PSA: if your afraid of reptiles you may not want to click on our links.** Want to see more? Check out our Website:  Check out our YouTube page!!: Or visit our like page on Facebook: Check out our MorphMarket!!: We are now on Google!!:;0,7& We are on Tictoc: We are also on Instagram!!!: We also have a Twitter Account!!: https://t